Sunday, October 09, 2005


The GoodTimesKid will premiere in Los Angeles at the AFI Film Festival

screenings are
November 12th, Saturday at 6:30 pm
November 13th, Sunday at 2:15 pm
please buy tickets and get more info at the AFI website


Guliver said...

Fantastico. Felicidades . おめでとうございます。この映画がすばらしい。Esta peli es una gran peli.

Desde Tokyo- Israel.
From Tokyo- Israel
東京から― イスラエル。

Horacio Berra said...

Wonderful Performances, Poetic cinematography. Horacio from Cambridge.

Amorpheus said...

Freaking awesome movie :P

Depreso rules

bennett ( said...

I was so impressed by this film I didn't even notice who else was there in the room with me. (Steve Hanft was handing Sara a rose when I walked up to her -- I didn't even see him.) You folks somehow caught a unique energy that radiated powerfully. What a beginning. Let me know when I can get a dvd of this -- I want to see it again!