Sunday, January 06, 2008

another Best Of 2007

this from Kevyn Knox at The Cinematheque
also, site for the new film is up: Momma's Man


The GoodTimesKid
Directed by Azazel Jacobs

When your daddy is one of the lynchpins of experimental cinema in the United States - and the world - your future has got to be a bright one, for you too can become one of the most underrated, underexposed, unheard of by most, avant-gardist auteurs in the history of cinema. With TheGoodTimesKid, Azazel Jacobs, son of legendary, if not quite a household name, Ken Jacobs, the man responsible for the brilliantly deceptive 1969 experimental bon mot Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son and the d├ęcoupage juggernaut, 40 years in the making, Star Spangled to Death, gives us (and by us I mean myself, J. Hoberman and about three other film geeks from the East Village) one of the sweetest, funniest romances of the year. A melange of his paternally encrusted experimental roots, an obvious lust for the early French New Wave, live action Fleischer Brother quirkiness, Jim Jarmusch's brain in a jar, indie-pop licks and a screwball heart, all glazed over with a sort of low-def Boho Lubitsch touch, Jacobs' film - which played for exactly seven days in January of 2007 at the Anthology Archives in New York and has still not seen the shiny side of a dvd - is the one film of 2007 most in need of watching - mainly because so many have not.

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