Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Victoria Film festival

in Canada-
screening in 35 MM at
Sunday February 3rd at 12 PM
Monday February 4th at 9 PM

"Normally, stealing from Hollywood is just a bad idea for any independent filmmaker. But for director Azazel Jacobs, stealing film from a Hollywood blockbuster’s truck to make a movie about stolen identities and stolen hearts, couldn’t have been a more perfect allegory for The Goodtimeskid.

Filled with some of the most endearing deadpan humour since Peter Sellers and Buster Keaton, this is the story of two Rodolfo Canos. One Rodolfo Cano lives alone on a sailboat by the docks and the other lives with his soon-to-be-estranged girlfriend. Neither knew the other existed until one day the army misdelivers a Call-for-Service letter for Rodolfo-with-a-girlfriend to Rodolfo-with-a-boat. Thinking he only needs to explain the mistake to the office, Rodolfo-with-a-boat accidentally crosses paths with an oblivious Rodolfo-with-a girlfriend at the recruitment office. Intrigued and confused, he follows his unknowing namesake back home, only to stumble awkwardly into the lovelorn life of a woman that’s about to be left behind.

Leave your conceptions behind about what a comedy can be and The Goodtimeskid will deliver. Its characters are deep and complicated without ever needing to over-explain them. Its setups are sometimes so perfect you never see a laugh-out-loud moment coming until you’ve already spilled your popcorn on your date."

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ThisMovieWasBAD! said...

I am 34 years old and I have seen many, many movies. I have taken Creative Writing with a focus on script writing. This had to be the worst movie I had ever seen. The characters were not only under developed...they were flat and I could only understand half of what one of them were saying, not that there were many lines period. I was shocked that such garbage made it onto the festival and I felt taken I had to pay to watch this. If I had not read synopisis in the Festival magazine I would have had no idea of what it was about. One should not have to read about it before had to understand. Terrible, absolutly terrible. Azazel Jacobs, for those who love movies please find another job!

ilya said...

The previous comment left just makes me have to laugh, as someone who has joyously followed Azazel Jacobs' career for years. Thankfully he didn't quit after 'Good TImes Kid', otherwise he wouldn't have gone on to make the exquisite 'Momma's Man', the most buzzed-about little-indie-that-could at Sundance this year. So I say to the author of "Thismoviewasbad!", it's a shame that you weren't able to appreciate the rare and raw cinematic gifts that Jacobs displays in GoodTimes Kid, but I guess they can't teach you good taste in "Creative Writing" class.