Saturday, September 01, 2007


London Screenings:
Weds 26 Sept 9:15pm
The Rex

Sat 29 September 9pm


"Mistaken identities, stolen hearts and self-discovery lie at the heart of Azazel Jacobs’ breathtaking sophomore feature. When two men sharing the name Rodolfo Cano turn up at the same army recruitment office, their lives take a whirlwind turn across the next 24 hours in Los Angeles. One is a middle-aged depressive trying to escape his own life, the other a highly-strung punk rocker whose tempestuous relationship with girlfriend Diaz has reached its breaking point. When the first Rodolfo follows the second home, only to find the angry punk storming out, he and Diaz find friendship in each other in the hope of finding meaning in their own lives. Throughout the course of the night, all three characters intertwine as they wander through the city.

The beauty of the film lies not in its plot but in the masterful manner in which cinematic and musical styles blend seamlessly together. Shades of Chaplin, early Godard and Tati are met with Gang of Four. Jacobs’ love of silent cinema is evident as the film contains little dialogue, however he merely demonstrates how sometimes it’s just not needed.

Shot on 35mm film stolen from a big-budget feature, The GoodTimesKid is a perfect example of what indie cinema should be: defiant, insightful, and above all a sheer joy to watch. You won’t see anything else like it this year."

James Merchant

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