Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The Goodtimeskid will screen at The Three Rivers Film Festival
Sat 11/3 Tue 11/6
5:15 7:00
Harris Theater
Azazel Jacobs, son of experimental filmmaker Ken Jacobs, calls his second feature film “a story about stolen love and stolen identities shot on stolen film.” A quirky, charming story, Kid has a wonderful sense of rhythm that recalls early Jim Jarmusch, as well as some of his dad’s anarchic spirit. The premise is modern romance -- two guys are named Rodolfo, one of whom gets renamed Depresso by the girlfriend of the other – and it’s a tribute to Jacobs’s skill that this is enough. An indie that’s low-budget and proud of it, the effect is magical: intimate close-ups capturing every flicker across the actors’ effortlessly expressive faces. Could be the sleeper hit of the film festival. (Azazel Jacobs; USA; 2007; 77 min)

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